Doctor Engagement
Has Never Been Easier

Provide lightning-fast answers, respond to request, and book meetings with ease.
With RepWhiz at your side. it's like having Super Powers.


Features to simplify your life

Save Time and Improve Productivity

imgSelf-book appointments

Reps are able to view, book, confirm or cancel appointments without interrupting staff.

imgView real-time availability

See real-time doctor availability and book appointments directly on their calendars.

imgAutomated Reminders

With automated reminders by text, mobile app, and email, never miss a meeting and respond to request instantly.

imgInstantly Share Content

Quickly send copay cards, patient materials and other resources to healthcare providers via text, Respond to physician requests on-demand.

imgCentralized Communication

RepWhiz offers a unified platform to schedule meetings, share documents, and communicate seamlessly.

imgData and Analytics

Get powerful insights into your interactions with the medical practitioners and understand what’s working and what’s not.

The Platform That Makes It Easy To Connect

RepWhiz bridges the gap between pharma companies and physicians.


View, Book, Confirm, or Transfer Appointments

Organizing appointments is no longer hectic and daunting. RepWhiz takes the hassle out of booking, organizing, and attending meetings.

  • Book, view, and manage appointments remotely from the mobile app
  • Get alerts for upcoming meetings, and reminders for important meetings
  • Stay updated on changes in doctors’ calendar and clinic’s contact information
  • Anyone can effectively utilize the user-friendly platform

Instantly Share Product Information & Resources

Consistent engagement boosts trust by demonstrating the rep's commitment to providing accurate information and supporting healthcare decisions with lasting impact.

  • Reps can share all the information about your products at the click of a button
  • Helps establish a healthy channel of communication between HCPs and reps
  • Reps can instantly answer physicians’ questions concerning your devices or medications
  • Synergy of medical knowledge ensures better and more effective patient care

Chat with Doctors, Providers, and Staff

Develop an ongoing relationship with doctors and other staff using our feature-rich text messaging service.

  • Preferred mode of communication for HCPs
  • Reps can instantly communicate all information in one place
  • HCPs can engage at their convenience and process information at their pace
  • Reps can customize information to each HCP, making it more useful

Engage with Providers on Demand

Offer personalized service to every doctor by engaging how and when they want while allowing organic conversations to flow.

  • Use the video calling feature for one-on-one meetings anywhere
  • Video conferencing feature allows you to engage multiple stakeholders at once
  • Send instant invites to block time with HCPs at their earliest convenience
  • Record conversations to refer to the specifics of a meeting at a later time

Power up your engagement

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