Pharmaceutical Rep Scheduling Software

Managing Your Rep Visits Has Never Been This Easy

RepWhiz is an advanced all-in-one rep management platform for medical practices, clinics, and healthcare systems.


Schedule Rep Meetings
in Seconds

Heavy patient load often leaves doctors with little time to meet pharma reps. The scheduling feature of RepWhiz allows practices to make the most out of the limited time.

  • Schedule online and in-person meetings from the same platform
  • Line up rep appointments rather than having reps lining up in your waiting room
  • Control the frequency with which reps book appointments
  • Create appointment slots and allow reps to self-schedule

Easily View Upcoming Meetings

Quality medical care requires doctors to find the time to engage with reps and stay informed on the latest developments.

  • Easily view upcoming meetings to fit into doctors’ changing schedule
  • Get details of the meeting in your inbox and push notifications on your phone
  • Notify reps of any change in scheduling directly from the app
  • Request confirmations to reduce no shows or cancellations

Request Samples & Product Information Anytime

Accurate medicine & product information is the cornerstone of quality healthcare. With RepWhiz, health care professionals (HCPs) can get instant information on devices and medications anytime they want.

  • Get more information about the product anytime, anywhere
  • Put in requests for samples of the product of choice
  • Timely information helps doctors keep up with the latest product updates
  • Anticipate the rep “traffic jam” and use the app to avoid it

Search & Instantly Connect with Reliable Contacts

Experienced and reliable reps can help you with clinical data, offer cost comparisons, guide on reimbursement concerns, and are upfront about potential side effects of their products. RepWhiz helps you stay in touch with such valuable contacts.

  • Identify your valued reps to ensure they get priority meetings every time
  • Avoid talking to multiple reps proposing the same medication or products
  • Create your network of trusted pharma contacts
  • Receive important updates shared by these contacts

Track All Pharma-Physician Interactions

Optimize call times with pharma reps, by tracking all the interactions between the pharmaceutical companies and your physicians with RepWhiz.

  • Avoid unproductive rep communication with efficient scheduling
  • Save HCPs’ time by managing rep appointments throughout the week
  • Keep doctors connected to the latest advancements in the medical field
  • Save hours of physicians’ time every week by avoiding repetitive interactions

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